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SartoScale 25一次性過濾器是生物制藥開發和工藝優化中篩選過濾材料的理想工具。獨特的設計和較小的表面積允許對最小體積的昂貴液體進行過濾試驗。使用相同的過濾材料,包括支撐性的間隔層作為工藝規模元素,保證了結果的一致性。


A New Class of Sterile Filtration in Single-Use Processes

Sartopore? Platinum is the perfect fit for sterile filtration in modern single-use manufacturing processes. Sartopore? Platinum, combines a unique hydrophilic surface and innovative TwinPleat Technology with our well-proven PES membrane structure. Now you can filter more with fewer filters.

Pore size: 0.45 | 0.2 μm | 5495307HV--LX--C | Request Quote

Sartopore? 2 platform is the industry standard in high-performance filtration of biological fluids. Outstanding process economy enabled by the widest range of Sartorius’ PES membrane combinations perfectly adapting to a broad variety of biopharmaceutical fluids.

Sterilizing-Grade, 0.2 μm Rated Filters:

Sartopore? 2 | Pore size: 0.45 | 0.2 μm | 5445307HV--LX--C | Request Quote

Sartopore? 2 XLG | Pore size: 0.8 | 0.2 μm | 5445307GV--LX--C | Request Quote

Sartopore? 2 XLI |?Pore size: 0.35 | 0.2 μm | 5445307IV--LX--C | Request Quote

Mycoplasma Retentive, 0.1 μm Rated Filter:

Sartopore? 2 XLM | Pore size: 0.2 | 0.1 μm | 5445358MV--LX--C | Request Quote

Bioburden Reduction, 0.45 μm Rated Filter:

Sartopore? 2 | Pore size: 0.8 | 0.45 μm | 5445306GV--LX--C | Request Quote

Sartobran? P is the widely accepted sterile filter platform of choice for vaccine and blood & plasma products providing the highest product yield and exceptional throughput. Unique low adsorptive cellulose acetate membranes perfectly complement our high-performance Sartopore? PES filter portfolio to cover all relevant filtration applications in biopharmaceutical industry.

Sterilizing-Grade, 0.2 μm Rated Filters:

Pore size: 0.45 | 0.2 μm | 5235307HV--LX--C | Request Quote

Bioburden Reduction, 0.45 μm Rated Filter:

Pore size: 0.65 | 0.45 μm | 5235306D--LX--C | Request Quote

Sartolon filters are the only heterogeneous double layer Polyamide filter on the market ?specifically developed for sterile filtration of Antibiotics and ADC′s. The double layer membrane provides enhanced filtration performance. Thus, Sartolon filters provide the most cost effective filtration solution, if the specific properties of a Polyamide membrane are required.

Sterilizing-Grade, 0.2 μm Rated Filters:

Pore size: 0.45 | 0.2 μm | 5105307HV--LX--C | Request Quote


Independent of your fluid stream, Sartoguard filters extend the capacity of your sterilizing grade and Mycoplasma retentive filters up to 3-4 fold providing significant cost savings. The combination of high-performance PES membranes and PES membranes with depth filter material provides utmost flexibility.?In addition, they are a cost-effective alternative to sterilizing grade filters for bioburden reduction in buffer prep. and Downstream Intermediates.

Sartoguard PES
Sartoguard PES filters are purely made Polyethersulfone (PES) membranes and ideally suited for all membrane prefiltration steps across your process to protect your final membrane filters and downstream processing equipment.

Pore size: 0.1 μm nom. | 5475358GV--LX--C | Request Quote

Pore size: 0.2 μm nom. | 5475307FV--LX--C | Request Quote

Sartoguard GF
The Sartoguard GF filter elements combine the defined retention performance of membrane filters with high adsorptive power of glass fiber fleeces. They are the ideal tool to remove colloids and lipids from the process stream to protect your final filter effectively of premature blocking.

Pore size: 0.1 μm nom. | 5485358MV--LX--C | Request Quote

Pore size: 0.2 μm nom. | 5485307GV--LX--C | Request Quote

Sartoguard NF
Sartoguard NF filter?incorporate the unique PES Nanofleece technology, which protects the PES membranes from early blockage due to a high particle load. All materials of construction are suitable for gamma irradiation making Sartoguard NF the ideal prefilter for single-use processing solutions.

Pore size: 0.1 μm nom. | 5465358MV--LX--C | Request Quote

Pore size: 0.2 μm nom. | 5465307GV--LX--C | Request Quote

Sartopure? PP3
Sartopure? PP3 is the ultimate choice for particle removal providing lowest filtration costs per liter based on the exceptional total throughput performance and unmatched particle retention. The broad chemical compatibility and the wide range of retention rates from 0.45 μm up to 100 μm facilitate the use of Sartopure? PP3 for almost every particle removal application.

Rentention Rate: 0.45 μm | 5055306PV--LX--C | Request Quote

Rentention Rate: 0.65 μm | 5055305PV--LX--C | Request Quote

Rentention Rate: 1.2 μm | 5055303PV--LX--C | Request Quote

Rentention Rate: 3.0 μm | 5055302PV--LX--C | Request Quote

Rentention Rate: 5.0 μm | 5055342PV--LX--C | Request Quote

Rentention Rate: 8.0 μm | 5055301PV--LX--C | Request Quote

Rentention Rate: 20.0 μm | 5055320PV--LX--C | Request Quote

Rentention Rate: 50.0 μm | 5055350PV--LX--C | Request Quote

Sartopure? GF Plus
Sartopure? GF Plus is the only double layered glass fiber filter on the market providing most effective fluid clarification and high total throughput performance. The unmatched removal of colloids, lipids and turbidity from a wide range of fluid streams protects expensive membrane filters and other process equipment increasing economy and security of your manufacturing process.

Rentention Rate: 0.65 μm | 5555305PV--LX--C | Request Quote

Rentention Rate: 1.2 μm | 5555303PV--LX--C | Request Quote

Sartoclean? CA
Sartoclean? CA compliments our Sartobran P filters for prefiltration and bioburden reduction with highest product yield due to the low unspecific binding of the cellulose acetate membranes.

Pore size: 3.0 μm|0.8 μm | 5625304EV--LX--C | Request Quote

Sartoclean? GF
Sartoclean? GF combines effective removal of colloids and lipids from the fluid stream in combination with bioburden reduction in early stage clarification process steps.

Pore size: 3.0 μm|0.8 μm | 5605304EV--LX--C | Request Quote









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